Letter to the Editor: Fresh thinking needed

To the editor:

When I read the recent letter from Carolyn Wood, I heard appreciation for the service of CGCC board members two or more decades ago. But I heard nothing about what they have done lately. Longevity is not reason to extend longevity.

From what I've seen (and we don't get much reportage by local papers), the college has serious morale and budget problems. Why else would staff file a vote of no confidence, and censure of the president? Why else would CGCC have had to lay off a couple dozen people in 2015? Why would they think of closing the Hood River campus, when that part of the district contributes more than half the local tax support?

People I know at the college tell me enrollment keeps falling. To me, that says we need new ideas to help create new excitement.

Today's students have lots of choices. They won't go where there's no buzz, or a clear path to cool new careers.

I've met some of the people running for the board. Several have deep experience with education. They would bring an inside perspective to strengthen the college's relationships with the region's K-12 systems, and local employers who want to hire college graduates — if they've got the right training.

I also hear that some of the people now on the board have trouble attending all the meetings.

It seems like it might be time for fresh thinking on the board, to pump a little oxygen into its sleepy old bones.

Steve Curley

The Dalles

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