Letter to the Editor: Wonderful article

To the editor:

I appreciated the article by Neita Cecil featuring the talented Austin Schulz. I had the opportunity to serve as Austin’s band director for several years at Chenowith Middle School and Wahtonka High School.

Austin’s “McGyver” instincts were evident when our Eagle Pep Band was en route to the district basketball tournament in Pendleton to provide some musical support for the basketball team.

About 15 miles from our destination, the bus failed to accelerate and we coasted to a stop on the shoulder of Interstate 84. Being in charge, I checked out the situation with the bus driver and, with my mechanical talents, I concluded that, sure enough, the bus was broken down.

As we were discussing our options, Austin came out, looked under the hood and quickly analyzed the situation. He then went back on the bus and returned with a plastic zip-tie. With that ever-present smile on his face, he somehow rigged the accelerator with the rip-tie and we were on our way.

We arrived in time for the game, the bus driver got the bus fixed for the return trip and Austin Schulz became a legend!

It appears from your wonderful article that his legendary status has now spread throughout the state of Oregon!

Steve Hodges

The Dalles

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