Letter to the Editor: Flawed decision

To the editor:

Sometimes decisions are made with the best intentions but turn out to be incorrect and flawed. Take The Dalles Independence Day fireworks display having been changed to Saturday, July 1, and not the actual signing date of July 4th.

Who or whom did that one?

I heard at least 12 persons complain at the retail store where I work, mostly opining that July 4th is a firm date, not a fluid date. Not a date to be convenient for parties, gate receipts, or retailer’s profits.

Many also voiced their concern for what tradition will be next? Will Christmas be violated next?

Let’s forget celebrating on the actual birth date of Jesus like the actual birth date of America they said. I fully agree that this nation’s most important patriotic day not be violated again.

Decision Makers for 2018…. please, fix this error next year. News Flash! Halloween is on a Tuesday this year so watch out for little goblins on Saturday,  Oct. 28. It’s a fluid thing if we let it.

Scott Haanstad

The Dalles

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gordoodle says...

Nothing has been violated. Christmas celebrations often happen the weekend before or after, when people can more easily get together. Many people have multiple Christmas celebrations at multiple places.

It might seem like the particular day is important somehow, but the declaration of independence was actually voted for on July 2nd and not actually signed until around August 2nd of 1776.

It's the spirit of the country that is being celebrated, not the date.

Posted 8 July 2017, 12:52 p.m. Suggest removal

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