Letter to the Editor: Appropriate

To the editor:

Contrary to claims in some recent letters to the editor about rude behavior at Rep. Walden’s town hall in The Dalles, most of the behavior of those attending, in my observation, was appropriate.

There were boos a few times when Rep. Walden avoided responding to a question or comment by presenting a recitation of his past activities instead.

Many people did wave signs and clap enthusiastically in support of some speakers’ questions or comments.

This was a town hall, after all, where people expect a give and take of information and views—a town hall is not the same as a lecture.

More than a few people voiced their fears about losing health care insurance. Of course Rep. Walden has worked determinedly on a health care plan that would effectively prevent many, many of his own constituents from affording health care insurance any more. One might then consider his behavior something more than rude.

Some people expressed their fears to Rep. Walden about the current immigration policy. They were asking Rep. Walden to hear and understand how the immigration policy is affecting children and families here. Of course, this was the first time in quite a while that they were able to talk directly to their congressional representative in person.

People are frightened that many of the actions supported by Rep. Walden will cause enormous harm to themselves, their families and neighbors. Given their concerns, I think the people comported themselves pretty decently—as most folks in our area usually do.

Diane Bungum

The Dalles

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